5 Songs That Paul McCartney Wishes He Wrote

Do you want to know the 5 Songs That Paul McCartney Wishes He Wrote?

Paul McCartney is a legendary musician known for his iconic contributions to The Beatles and his successful solo career. With his exceptional songwriting talent, he has penned some of the greatest hits of all time. However, even someone as accomplished as McCartney has songs that he wishes he could claim as his own.

You will find the five songs that reflect McCartney’s admiration for other songwriters and their work, and how they have influenced his own songwriting.

As an iconic musician with a long and illustrious music career, McCartney is a veritable master of the art of songwriting. His extensive repertoire is a testament to his creative genius, with hits that have spanned generations. In this section, we will delve into McCartney’s songwriting inspiration, exploring the songs that have left a lasting impact on him and his music.

Join us on a journey into the musical mind of Paul McCartney as we explore the songs he wishes he wrote, and how they have influenced his iconic songwriting.

The Beatles’ “Yesterday”

Paul McCartney has often expressed his admiration for “Yesterday,” one of the most beloved songs from The Beatles’ repertoire. In interviews, he has revealed that he wishes he had written it himself, describing it as one of the most perfect songs ever written.

It’s not hard to see why McCartney holds “Yesterday” in such high esteem. The song’s timeless melody and poignant lyrics have made it an enduring classic, beloved by generations of music lovers. McCartney’s songwriting skill shines through in this track, with its simple yet effective chord progression and beautifully crafted lyrics that capture the bittersweet feeling of lost love.

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As a member of The Beatles, McCartney was no stranger to crafting iconic songs, but “Yesterday” stands out as one of his finest achievements. The track’s stripped-back arrangement, featuring only McCartney’s vocal and acoustic guitar, highlights the power of his songwriting and his ability to create something truly timeless.

Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”

When it comes to famous songwriters, few have had the same impact as Stevie Wonder. Paul McCartney has long admired Wonder’s music, including his legendary track “Superstition.” McCartney has spoken about how the song’s rhythm and groove have inspired his own songwriting and live performances, and how he has incorporated elements of Wonder’s style into his music.

What makes “Superstition” so iconic is its infectious rhythm and powerful lyrics. The song’s funky, guitar-driven groove is instantly recognizable, and its lyrics about the dangers of superstition and ignorance have a timeless relevance. As McCartney has noted, “Superstition” is one of the great tracks that inspires him to keep pushing the boundaries of his own songwriting.

McCartney’s admiration for Wonder’s music has deep roots in their shared love for soul and R&B music. Both artists have been known for their ability to blend genres and incorporate a wide range of musical influences into their work, creating music that is both innovative and timeless. As McCartney has noted, music has always been a driving force in his life and career, and Wonder’s music is a constant source of inspiration for him.

Paul McCartney’s Admiration for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”

One of the legendary songs that Paul McCartney wishes he had written is Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” In McCartney’s words, “It’s one of those moments that every songwriter dreams of, when you hear a song and you just go, ‘I wish I had written that.'”

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Dylan’s poetic lyrics and rebellious spirit deeply resonated with McCartney, and he has often cited the song as a major inspiration for his own music. In fact, McCartney has said that “Like a Rolling Stone” was one of the reasons he started focusing more on lyrics in his own songwriting.

McCartney’s admiration for Dylan’s songwriting approach is evident in his own music, particularly in his solo work. In songs like “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “My Love,” McCartney incorporates the storytelling and introspection that Dylan was known for.

Overall, “Like a Rolling Stone” has had a profound impact on McCartney’s music career, and its influence can still be heard in his work today. As McCartney himself has said, “I’m just in awe of the song, really—it’s a beautiful thing to behold.”

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

One of the most noteworthy collaborations between Paul McCartney and another iconic musician is his work with Michael Jackson on “Say Say Say” and “The Girl Is Mine”. As a result, McCartney became increasingly influenced by Jackson’s songwriting, particularly his hit album “Thriller”. In an interview with GQ Magazine, McCartney described “Thriller” as “a revelation” and said that Jackson’s ability to craft a hit song was “pretty incredible”.

McCartney was so impressed by Jackson’s work on “Thriller” that he sought to emulate its success in his own music. This led him to incorporate more contemporary pop elements into his songwriting, as well as experimenting with different musical genres. McCartney’s willingness to adapt his style to new trends and influences is a testament to his enduring legacy as an iconic musician who continues to inspire new generations of songwriters.

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Reflecting on McCartney’s Songwriting Inspiration

Paul McCartney’s songwriting genius is evident in the countless timeless hits he has penned, earning him the rightful title of an iconic musician. While his music has been an inspiration to many, it is interesting to note the songs that inspired him to create his own hit melodies. A closer look at the five songs we have explored reveals common themes and techniques that have influenced McCartney’s songwriting.

Iconic Musician

McCartney’s undisputed knack for crafting unforgettable melodies is evident in the numerous hits he has written. His music resonates with fans across generations, and his contributions to the music industry are immeasurable. As a legendary figure, McCartney’s music has been an inspiration to countless musicians, songwriters, and fans alike.

Songwriting Techniques

From the melancholic melody of “Yesterday” to the upbeat rhythm of “Superstition,” McCartney’s admiration for the songs we have explored reveals the wide range of songwriting techniques he has incorporated into his own music. These techniques include the use of dynamic rhythms, poetic lyricism, and a keen sense of melody, among others.


It’s fascinating to note how other legendary musicians and their music have influenced McCartney’s songwriting. The five songs we have explored are just a few examples of the numerous tracks that have inspired McCartney to create some of his best work. His ability to draw on these influences while still maintaining his unique sound is a testament to his versatility as a songwriter.


Paul McCartney’s songwriting inspiration is driven by his passion for music and his admiration for other legendary musicians. His ability to consistently create memorable hits over the course of his career is a testament to his talent and inspiration.

As we reflect on McCartney’s impact on the music industry, we cannot overlook the profound influence that other musicians and their music have had on his artistry.

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